We are a company dedicated to promoting locally grown, naturally harvested, delicious produce from Sabah, Malaysia. Renowned as “The Land Below The Wind” in North East of Borneo, the land covers lush rainforests from the Crocker mountain ranges to Mount Kinabalu, all the way to the deep waters of the South China Sea.

Sabah Farms Produce is a farm collective with an all year round tropical sun & rain, fresh cool air from the highlands and rich fertile soil. This makes Sabah the ideal place to grow some of the tastiest, farm fresh, premium quality fruits, honey & dairy produce.

Our farm suppliers are typically small growers, with limited production capacity that result in seasonal produce. We purchase the produce exclusively from these local farmers and small growers.  This promotes the local economy and helps support the farming community in Sabah.  

These produce are high quality, unique in taste & highly distinctive.  We endeavour to deliver the best of Sabah Farms Produce directly to you Farm-to-Door!

Creamy. Supersize.

Artisan. 100% Halal.

Raw. Unprocessed.

Healthy. Whole Grain.

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