Kelulut Honey

Floral. Tangy. Fruity. Distinctive.

What makes the Kelulut bee and its honey so special?

So what are the differences between the Kelulut stingless bees and honey bees? Like honey bees, Kelulut bees are social insects which live in large, well organised hives. While a honey bee stings as a way to defend against predators, stingless bees have highly reduced stingers that cannot be used for defence. They are, therefore, generally harmless to humans.

Stingless bees thrive in most tropical or subtropical regions and there are over 500 species. 78 species are found in Malaysia, The Kelulut are stingless bees that thrive in most tropical regions with over 500 species globally. 78 species are found in Malaysia, but only four species are commercially cultivated, specifically Geniotrigona thoracica, Heterotrigona itama, Lepidotrigona terminata and Tetragonula leviceps. Honey bees produce a lot more honey (up to 27 times more) than the Kelulut Bee. This makes the Kelulut honey more exclusive & scarcer in quantity. However, the Kelulut bees are more resistant to diseases and parasites that affect honey bees.

The hive wall of the Kelulut are made of propolis, a resin collected from tree buds. This is different from the wax hives of honey bees. The Kelulut Honey is harvested from the pods inside the hives.

Each Kelulut covers a flight zone of maximum 1km radius, thus are very specific in the flowers they harvest their honey from. As such, every bottle of Kelulut Honey has a distinctive flavour based on their nectar of choice.

Each hive is capable of producing only about 4 kg to 6 kg of honey per year depending on the availability of flowers in the area. This results in distinctive & diverse flavours in every honey jar, making it a unique experience every time!  

Why Drink Kelulut Honey?

Kelulut Honey is a superfood that is highly nutritional with therapeutic value. Primarily a concentrated solution of fructose, glucose, sucrose and maltose, its health benefits include:

  • An outstanding source of energy due to its readily absorbed high sugar concentration
  • Prevention and treatment for a variety of ailments such as cold, cough, and respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis
  • Rich in vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals with almost 200 different compounds
  • Important for bones and teeth as it helps in absorption of calcium and magnesium retention
  • Antioxidant that reduces adverse effects of several liver, heart, kidney, brain, and pancreas-associated diseases, as well as genetic disorders such as tumours and cancer.

The Kelulut Honey is an excellent accompaniment for your healthy breakfast, snack or meal and be surprised by its delicious flavour!

  • Delicious – Sweet, floral, tangy, fruity, sour, bitter varieties
  • Versatile – eaten on its own, mixed as a drink, paired with items such as toast, waffles, oats, salads and as a condiment for your meal recipes
  • Highly nutritious – Loaded with energy, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids & antioxidants
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