Sabah Longan

Sweet, chewy & tangy.

What is Sabah Longan?

Sabah Longans are the same species as the Brazilian Longan, which has a hard thick skin and elongated shape. There are some who call this the Borneo fruit or kasai.

Grown in denser parts of the Sabah jungles, these longan trees are a real rarity, and a delicious treat if you can find it. It has a very short, bursty seasonal run & needs rainy conditions to thrive & produce harvest.

This longan has very sweet tasting flesh with a slightly tangy, musky finish. It is similar to a lychee in flavour, with a less pronounced floral aroma. The texture is gelatinous and closely mimics a chewier version of a grape. The seeds of these longans are delicious to be eaten when fried!



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