Pahang Durian

The King of Fruits

Musang King & D24 Durian Pulp Premium.

The Superior Gift of Taste

Now you can enjoy this delicious, creamy treat all year round with our hand picked, freshly frozen selection of the best Musang King & XO D24 durians from Raub, Pahang. To ensure long lasting freshness, the harvested durians are immediately opened, its pulp frozen to -20 degree Celsius, vacuum packed & sealed.

These frozen durian pulps can be stored in your freezer, ready to thaw and eat them anytime you wish. Due to our state of the art freezing process, the texture and taste of the durian will be just like its freshly harvested from the trees!

For those who love to make cakes, pastries, mooncakes, ice creams & gelatos, try our very freshly frozen Musang King & D24 durian paste to enjoy the taste of durian in every shape & form that you love! 

Frozen Musang King & D24 Durian Paste

1kg Premium filling for cakes, ice creams & pastries

Our contracted farms are located in the farming regions of Pahang : Bentong, Karak, Cameron Highlands, Teras, Raub, Sungai Ruan and Klau. Only the best & most premium durians are selected for the pulp & paste.

Our supply partner Lo Chook has been in the agricultural industry for over 20 years. Raised in a family of farmers, he has inherited valuable knowledge from previous generations, with sound understanding of the importance of soil and its role in producing the best fruits and vegetables! The fertilizers that are used were formulated to be environmentally friendly and effective. 

6 Ways We Ensure Premium Durians


The altitude, weather and soil conditions of Raub, Pahang are ideal for Musang King (D197) and XO (D24). 


Hilly terrain provides good drainage allows durian trees to produce good quality durians. 


Different conditions are suited towards different durian species. Musang King (D197) and XO (D24) produced in Raub are world renowned.ude, weather and soil conditions of Raub, Pahang are ideal for Musang King (D197) and XO (D24). 

Farmers & Farm

The key to excellence is the combination of experience and professionalism. Our team consist of several 2nd generation farmers with decades of experience.

Selected Fruits

Freshness is essential to ensure good quality. Therefore, we only use the freshest produce from our farmers.

Selected Pulps

Durians are opened in our factory & carefully selected, making sure all durian pulps are in good condition. It is then immediately flash frozen and vacuum packed to ensure good hygiene & preserve freshness.



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Your produce is carefully hand picked, packed and delivered to you.

3. ENJOY Your produce

Enjoy your delicious produce delivered right to your doorstep!

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